Are you ready for the most terrifying experience in Dublin with the only company in Ireland brave enough to take you to the notorious Hellfire Club. Fortunately, our guides are well versed in the paranormal, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Unless, of course, something inexplicable happens to you…!

En route to the Dublin Mountains, we will regale you with tales of the supernatural as we drive through historic Dublin. You will also learn about paranormal investigations, and the techniques they use to hunt ghosts.

Once you disembark, there will be a brisk walk up Montpelier Hill, lasting about thirty minutes, so bring comfortable walking shoes. Your walk to the top will be punctuated by stories concerning the lore of the area, preparing you for the horror that awaits at the top of the hill…! The trip lasts roughly 2.5 hours, inclusive of travel time to and from The Hellfire Club, and will conclude back at The Brazen Head Dublin. We recommend that you bring your own torch, although we will provide a limited number on the night. The Hellfire Club is in a very isolated area, and a torch is necessary.