Welcome to Dublin’s notorious Hellfire Club one of the most terrifying places on Earth! Perched high on a mountain-top overlooking the city of Dublin, The Hellfire Club is a place of Evil, of Terror and of Death. Built in the Eighteenth century on the site of a sacred Stone Age tomb, The Hellfire Club was constructed in a spirit of blasphemy and sacrilege. The young bucks who built it said it was a hunting lodge. It’s real purpose – the worship of The Devil!

Cursed from the very beginning, the aristocratic members of The Hellfire Club used this place as a headquarters for their wild debauchery. These rich young men liked nothing better than sex and drinking.

And murder!

This lonely hilltop is haunted by many, many ghosts. You might just hear the screams of a woman who was rolled down the hill to her death – in a burning barrel! Local people avoid the area after dark. Dogs whimper and turn away as they reach the summit. The few who are brave enough to go inside frequently report the smell of Brimstone – unsurprising given that Satan himself has been known to pay a visit!

There are poltergeists in The Hellfire Club – if you wear a chain around your neck, be warned, invisible hands might pull it clean off! Could they be the hands of the poor young dwarf, brutally murdered and buried under the kitchen of nearby Killakee House, with a horrifying effigy of a demon?

And if you hear the hiss of a cat, be afraid, for this is no mere pet – the area is known to be haunted by the dreaded Black Cat of Killakee – a huge and malevolent elemental spirit!

Our trip to The Hellfire Club is only for the very bravest. But if you can summon up the courage to join us, you’re in for the most fun and memorable night out you can have in Dublin, a city known around the world for its fun and memorable nights out!


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